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Pre-Travel Academy & Dinomites Program

Dinomites (ages 2-4):

The Dinomites program uses youth coaching specialists for children ages 2 to 4 years of age to introduce soccer fundamentals, socialization and follow-directions in a group environment. The program focuses on age-appropriate activities, drills, and games to develop skills and confidence, on the field and off, focusing on improving muscle development, increasing body awareness and movement planning skills, while building confidence with engaging story-based activities. Participants are encouraged to be accompanied by their parent/caregiver, so they may build independence gradually as they become more comfortable in the new environment. Dinomites will not be offered this Fall 2020 season due to Covid19 concerns and social distancing guidelines. We do plan on offering the program in the Winter and/or Spring 2021. We will share more information once we have plans finalized.

Pre-Travel Academy:
Our Pre-Travel Academy is for Boy & Girls ages 4-13. This is a non-competitive program focused on skill-building, athletic conditioning, ball skills, footwork, endurance, speed and agility, tailored to be developmentally appropriate. Each session will include individual skills, teamwork and small-sided game play. Participants of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged.

PTA participants have seperate enrollment options:

  • Fall registration only: participants can expect 8 sessions over for 6 weeks (10 hours of training); given priority placement onto Spring Competitive Teams.
  • Full Season Registration: participants can expect 2 training sessions per week for 6 weeks in the Fall and Spring for a total of 24 hours of training, in addition to participating in NJ's only recreation tournament held in June. The Frances G. Young Recreation Soccer Tournament is a 2-day, 4 game tournament held in Hazlet, NJ by Hazlet United Soccer. This allows pre-travel players and recreation players the opportunity to experience the environment competitive soccer brings in a family-centered, family-friendly environment close to home.


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