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Welcome to the registration process for Sayreville Soccer Club!

Welcome to Sayreville Soccer Club, we are a Middlesex County/Community based non-profit organization. We are comprised of parents and professionals that are dedicated to the children and the sport. Our goal is to provide the youth of Sayreville and surrounding areas, a safe learning environment to build their skills and knowledge of the sport.


Dinomites (Mini's & Micro's) - The Dinomites program is broken down into two age-groups: Mini-Kickers and Micros. Each program is developmentally tailored to each age group. The mini-kicker group has active engagement with mom/dad in order to allow our youngest kickers to acclimate to the social environment and begin to be introduced to a group dynamic. Our Micros may still rely on their caregivers at first but we try to foster independence that all pre-schoolers crave. Our youth coaching specialists introduce soccer fundamentals using a story-based approach. The program uses age-appropriate activities, drills, and games to develop skills and confidence, on the field and off, focusing on improving muscle development, increasing body awareness, movement planning skills, and building confidence in movement-based activities. The older children are introduced to organized team play (4v4) by the end of the season.

Pre-Travel Academy Designed to build a player's individual skills and teamwork. This program is open to all skill levels. Focusing on small-sided games, players will be introduced and acclimated to 4v4 gameplay (4 players on each side with no goalie) which requires quick thinking, teamwork, communication, and strengthening ball skills. Each training session will include athletic conditioning, ball drills, and passing drills. Older players will be introduced to 7v7 gameplay by the end of the season. In addition, each session will be grouped as a team and entered to play/participate in NJ's only recreation tournament held in June. The Frances G. Young Recreation Soccer Tournament is a 2-day, 4 game tournament held in Hazlet, NJ by Hazlet United Soccer. This allows players the opportunity to experience the environment competitive soccer brings in a family-centered, family-friendly environment close to home.

Development Academy - Made for children looking to develop skills with the intention of joining a Travel Team in their age group or just looking to have fun on the pitch without the commitment a travel team brings. Run by experienced coaches, each session will focus on individual development as well as team dynamics. These players will also be registered to participate in the Frances G. young Tournament in June. Older children will be introduced to 9v9 gameplay by the end of the season if sessions allow.

Competitive Teams - Our competitive teams can expect to play in at least 2 tournaments and a winter league in addition to Fall & Spring League play, all included in the registration fee. You will not be 'nickel-and-dimed' for additional fees or out of pocket costs throughout the season. Our club is registered to have competitive teams in EDP, Mid-NJ, and MOSA as well as numerous small-sided and regulation size tournaments throughout NJ. 

Athletic Training/Clinics - Children age 11 and up will be able to participate in small group training focused on athletic conditioning, speed and agility, footwork and ball skills. Sessions are one day a week and make a great addition to team training they are already receiving at a club or as a stand-alone activity. All participants will be given a training jersey and will be coached by experienced trainers and coaches.



The Sayreville Soccer Club is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization with no political affiliation, run solely on registrations, donations, and sponsors. We do not receive any tax-payer funding to run our programs. All sessions are run by professional dedicated coaches/trainers. We depend and rely on our parents to assist us in making our club successful and fun for our children. To achieve our goals, we ask for you to help give us a hand if you can.  We can use your assistance in various areas, marketing, IT, graphic design, etc. If you have a skill we can use it!


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